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Finally we have 2nd video from Popgasm! =D
Here it goes! Check it and tell us what you think ;)

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The new single is out next week on March 25!!!


Exciting, yeah? =D

Hey, guys!
If you by any chance (like me) missed it out, SunriseAve.com was totaly remade and now looks very popgastic!!! Check it out coz our lovely guys has left The Video Message for us!!!

Talking about new single, i'm sure all of you has already heard&seen it. Sooooo.... The Whole Story is already in radio rotation on NRJ Finland.
Here's the video live in Kuorosota 1.3.2009 - Song Premiere

And ... just becoz you all miss these crazy finns i'm sure... lovely picture of two of them! =P

Sweet!!! Aren't they? ;)))

Some new pics from Samu&the band!

See them on his facebook or inside HERECollapse )

Also he says that .....***tssss.... Drums and fanfares***.....new sigle may see the light in 10 (TEN!!!!) days!!!!!!!!!!!
Exciting, isn't it? XDDD

It's time 4 your mouse to work out a lil' bit. Go & vote for our lovely finns at KERRANG Magazine
Latest news from sunriseave.com

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Now what do you think?
Hi Guys & Girls,

So... The shows & festivals are over for 2008 and we will let the hair grow now and spend all available time in studio. It was one hell of a summer with a lot of sweat, rock & roll and there is no words to describe how great it was and how fantastic you were all the way. Last week we had the pleasure to receive our platinum awards for over 200.000 sold albums in Germany. As we don’t have the chance to hug you all for this success(200.000 hugs would be a world record so we do it next time just for the Guinness Book ;), we do it this way: thank you so much for being on our side during the last two years. We all had the best time of our lives and hope and believe that this will continue in 2009 with all of you. And 2010. And 2011. And and and....

Just a "tiny" detail for those who might be interested. Riku is now a full 101 % member of the gang, so give him a warm welcome. Actually I had the feeling that you already did this from the very first day he was on stage with us! He fits perfectly into our bunch of "extremely well behaving" guys from my country, so that’s maybe not a big surprise. He is so nice. I know that when I enter the rehearsal room tomorrow for our morning PopGasm rehearsals at 11:12 (12 minutes late...), he will have a warm cup of coffee there waiting for me. What more could you ask for....?

So, back to the studio now (we have one hell of a popgastic challenge here;) – and see you all soon!

Doctor Haber
They got Platinum in Germany!!!!
Congrats to the guys!!!!!!!

I found cool video here. I don't know if you have seen it, but it's funny (as always).
2007. Guys answer questions from russian fans just after their album was released in Russia.